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LEARN HOW TO MAKE TONS OF MONEY FROM INVESTMENT SHARES OF BINARY / FOREX TRADING. OFFICE LOCATION: UNIQUE WAYS NETWORK TRADING (UWNT). 1, DOTUN OGUNRINDE STREET, LANTORO, ABEOKUTA, P.O.BOX 879, SAPON, ABEOKUTA, OGUN STATE, NIGERIA. THE FUNDAMENTAL The foreign exchange market, also referred as “Forex” is the largest financial market in the world today with a volume of about $4 trillion a day if you compare that to the $25 billion a day volume that the New York Stock Exchange trades, you can easily see how enormous the foreign exchange really is. What is traded on the foreign exchange? The simple answer is MONEY. Forex trading is the simultaneous buying of one currency and selling of another. Currency are traded through a broker or a dealer, and traded in a pairs, for example the Euro and the US dollar (EUR/USD) or British pounds and the Japanese Yen (GBP/JPY). The forex is considered as Over The Counter (OTC) or Inter Bank Market, the entire market is run electronically, continuously over 24 hours period 5 days in a week. It starts from Sunday 10pm through Friday 9pm. The rising of internet in the late 90’s open this opportunity to retail trade. Forex is a very lucrative business yet most people fail in it. Timing is one thing that would actually determine your success in the Binary/Forex market and that is why it is important to know the best time to trade the market, the best time with regards to activity, volume of trade, preferred indicators software, time frame, trading strategy etc. THE MAJOR CURRENCY PAIRS ARE: EUR/USD – Euro versus US Dollar ………………………………. 7am – 5pm GBP / USD – British Pound versus US Dollar ………………… 8am – 5pm USD / JPY – US Dollar versus Japan Yen ……………………….. 12pm – 5am RULES OF FOREX AND BINARY OPTIONS TRADING. Get ready to trade as early as from 6am – 10am Euro Market, 11am – 5pm US Market & 12am – 4am Asian Market and what you need to do is to find high price (Trending). MONEY MANAGEMENT / RISK CONTROL FOR TRADER. Unless a trading system is 100% accurate in all cases, a sound system of risk management and skill control has to be part of it. If you have poor money management skill, you could have the best trading system in the world, that is right 90% of the time, and you can still lose some part of your money. On the other hand, with good money management skills, you could have a fairy inaccurate system and still get respectable returns. Money management is so important that, studies have shown that up to 90% of the variance in fund manager performance can be directly attributed to it. For, “in every business, one must expect failure.” (To serve a great cause, you must first learn how to control your emotion). Set your own profit target, for example on binary account between 10-20% of your capital and on forex 10pips – 20pips for your daily trading volume and exit all trades as soon as you reach your profit target- do not place another trade or wait until the software gives you an opposite signal. This is the safest way to trading and reduces your risk. HOW TO USE THE INDICATORS SOFTWARE. If you want the software to be profitable for you- follow all the trading rules. If you don’t follow even one of the rules below- I can not guarantee you a respectable returns. I agree and understand that it is not easy to be a disciplined trader and always follow the rules- but we have to do it. Otherwise you will not be able to make a consistent profit with any software or indicator. Exit trades when the software issue the opposite trading signal, before the market reverses. RULE #1 Money Management What is Money Management and risk control is the portion of one’s business plan (Trading System) that tells you how much you can risk on one trade, what amount of risk you should be willing to take? A proper money management component of your business plan not only assures you longivity simply by not allowing large positions, but also by removing significant psychological barriers in trading. RULE #2 Uses of Indicators Software Try to use the indicators software only during the London, Euro and US or Japan Sessions (start 1-2 hours before the opening is fine) It is risky to use the signals (not only this one but all others as well!) on a weak/slow market- outside recommended London, Euro and US or Asians Sessions, Any indicators software may not work properly in a weak market, this has been proven many times. Use 30mins chart for entry and 4hrs chart to confirm the trend of position which you are planning to trade. RULE #3 Trading Account The first thing that you have to decide is the size of your trading account. It is advisable that your trading account must be separate from your investment account. It should be a small portion perhaps 10% to 20% of your trading account (capital).This is your high-risk business. Never mix your trading account with your investment accounts. RULE #4 Trend: A clear strong trend. - Identify a current trend. Remember? (The trend is your friend) - Ignore all signals against a current trend! Example: Trend is up – but you get a “sell” signal (ignore it!) Wait for a “buy” signal to enter. Do not trade on a side (side ways trend)- ignore all signals. RULE #5 Currency Pairs: GBP/JPY, EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY and all other major pairs. (GBP/JPY- is great pair to start with) RULE #6 Time Frames 1-min, 5-min, 15-min, 30-min (risky!) 1-hurs, 4-hurs, 1-day time frames are good. This rule is extremely important- MUST follow rule. If you don’t follow this rule- you may fail. FOR MORE DETAILS ON TRAINING/TRADING SYSTEM AND INVESTMENT TRADING, CONTACT: 08112467260, 08035492460 and / uwntrading@hotmai.com or http://wealthygoals.blogspot.com.ng/

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