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How To Make N35,000 Weekly And Finally Become Financialy Independent.

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Posted 13 September 2012 - 02:10 PM

From Ikenna Obi
Dear  Friend,
? Are you  tired of being Broke?
? Have you unsuccessfully tried  making money so many times you've lost count?
? Are you tired of always being the object of people's attention whenever you walk into a room just because of  you're  poverty level?
? Are you tired of get rich quick scheme and seminars that don't work and programs that don't live up to their promises?
? Are you tired of having to endure taunts and teases from your family, friends and colleagues just because you're  in abject poverty?

If you answered yes to the above questions, then this may be the
Single most important letter you will ever read this year.

Making money legitimately as a youth  in Nigeria has been called "a battle", and if you have ever tried to make money legitimately for more than 1 year, i'm sure you would agree. You may have  tried several money making schemes, attended many  seminars, all to no avail. You may have  read a newspaper and you see an ad advertising another  ?make money opportunity program. You rush out and pay for the program praying that finally this is the program that will finally help you to solve your  financial  problems, but after you've tried out the product for a couple of weeks and months, you notice no difference, and you realize that once again you've attended another useless  seminar. You may have bought several    ebooks and cd, promising you financial freedom  and yet instead of  getting Financial freedom ,you discover instead that you are getting more broke and poorer, despite all your efforts!

You may have heard success stories of people who are  successfully  making  legitimate money online  and offline without going through all the stress and tales of woes you have undergone and you wonder sadly why you can't be as lucky as them, why your situation is so different.
A lot of youths who are struggling to make legitimate money in Nigeria,  waste their money, time and energy doing the wrong things in an effort to be finacial independent. They carry out strenuous  tasks, go on painful  assignments, engage in casual labours, attend many seminars, and buy all sorts of  ebooks and cd, all to no avail. It might surprise you, that  95% of all the make money  programs/ Ebooks and seminars you see being advertised daily are a TOTAL & COMPLETE waste of time and money.

This might sound painful, especially if you have ever bought or attended into a  make money seminar or Ebook that failed to deliver on its promises, but the fact is that most of the so-called experts who sell those  make money online programs are only out to make money.
Not only that, most of the advice currently being peddled by some self-styled  gurus 'experts' Is TOTALLY inaccurate, fraud and insincerity.

Now don't get this wrong, there are a lot of very, very good guides, coaches and seminars that can teach and coach you  how to make money legitimately here in Nigeria,  but many of them are so complicated and another problem is that there are so many useless  make money guides and seminars, that trying to find the good ones that really deliver on their promise is like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

I have been so disappointed by the lack of kept promises that all of those make money programs made. For many years i have spent a fortune on mlms, get-rich-quick, paid to read email, newspaper & stuff envelope scams and that i finally want to make an end to it. 

One of the best  money making guides on the market is "The Insider Secrets Of Making 100k Every Two Weeks With Information marketing"written by a celebrated info executive expert with 2 decades of experience in  information marketing industry, its filled with useful, practical information on how to  make money in nigeria with information marketing effectively  and legitimately offline and online.

A Case Study

Wande was an 18-year old who had lost his father when he was 14. Due to the fact that his mother's monthly salary wasn't enough to comfortably support his family of 5 (including Wande, his mother and 3 younger siblings), Wande decided to look for a job after finishing secondary

While at a friends house, he saw a book lying on the table, and picking it up, he discovered that it was a guide on 'How to Make Money Selling Information Products' that belonged to his friend's After a little pleading from Wande, his friend's father agreed to lend him the manual, on the
condition that he was to return it in exactly 3 days time.

After taking the Information Marketing guide home, reading and reading it for 3 days, Wande returned the guide to his friend's father and thanked him profusely for lending him the manual. After thinking about what kind of Information people would be willing to pay the most for, he
finally decided to sell information on 'how to speak confidently in front of an audience'

In less than 2 hours, using what he had learnt from the Information Marketing guide, Wande got an Information Product on "How to Speak Confidently in Public" which he decided to price at N2,650.He then wrote a simple 7-page sales letter for his information product (using the exact
same techniques that you will learn from this Guide.

Since he lacked the necessary capital to advertise the Information Product, Wande went back to his friend's father , explained to him how far he had gone, and asked for a loan of N4,500 with which to advertise his Information Product. Impressed with the speed at which Wande had gotten a high-quality Information Product in so
short a time, the man agreed to lend Wande the necessary N4,500 he needed.

Wande then used that N4,500 to advertise his "How to Speak Confidently in Public" Information Product on a popular newspaper. From that N4,500, Wande made 17 sales for a total of N45,050 out of which he returned the N4,500 he had borrowed from his friend's father.
In less than 1 year of selling his Information Product, Wande moved his family into a 2-bedroom flat in a nearby estate, transferred his younger siblings into an expensive private school and opened a well-stocked provisions shop for his mother. All these at the tender age of 18.

Case Study 2
Sola used to be a primary school teacher earning a meager N11,500 a month. One day while browsing through a newspaper, he saw an advert for an Information Marketing guide. Skeptical, but desperate to find a way to make extra money, Sola bought the guide. Sola registered for the seminar. After coming back from the seminar that Saturday evening, Sola spent the next 2 hours compiling a list of the 7 most profitable Information topics that people would be willing to pay a lot for, after going through his list for about an hour, he decided to sell Information on "How to Immigrate to Canada Easily & without Stress"

The very next Sunday, using the techniques he was taught at the Information Marketing seminar, and in less than 6 hours he got an Information Product on "How to Immigrate to Canada Easily & without Stress" , which he priced at N3,500. He then spent N4,500 out of his salary to promote his Information Product. In less than 2 weeks, from that N4,500 that he spent to promote his Information Product, Sola made N85,500 in sales.
Within 6 months of Selling Information Products, Sola went from being a primary school teacher earning N11,500 a month to being a very successful Information Marketer with a monthly income of over N180,000 a month.
?In this guide, I'm going to show you the fastest and easiest way for you to begin making money immediately with Information Marketing. This guide is brief, concise and goes straight to the point.

In this guide you'll learn . . .

? What is an information product?
? How you can start making money in the information marketing business from next week.
? How to Create your own information product even if you don?t have any idea of what to write about.
? How to make money selling other people?s products Legally.
? How to become an instant author even if you don?t know anything to write about!
? How to create your very own information products in minutes for 100% profit in your pocket!
? And many more!

?My purpose of writing this Information Marketing Guide is to teach you how to make money with Information Marketing, the quickest and easiest way possible.?

In this guide, you'll learn every single thing it takes for you to begin making money with Information Marketing as soon as possible. ?I have no problem telling you that Information Marketing can be VERY lucrative, but I'm very sure you may already know that. Information Marketing has changed, is changing and will continue to change the lives of millions of people around the world.?

Whether you'll be one of them depends completely on how well you APPLY every single one of the principles taught in this guide. This  Guide contains information that has changed and will change the lives of a lot of people, and your level of success will depend on just how well you apply what you learn.
They say knowledge is power, but actually its only applied knowledge that is power.

Now you're probably asking " How do I get this guide?". Well the Original Price of  The Insider Secrets Of Making 100k Every Two Weeks With Information marketing  guide is N9,500 but because I want to help as many people as possible who have been finding it very difficult to earn a decent living, I've decided that for a limited time only, I am going to give away this guide for the unbelievable low price of N1,550.  Yes, You read it Right! But you need to act fast because this offer is strictly for 50 serious people and it?s just for the next 7 days!
With my  60 days money back guarantee, you?ve got nothing to lose! If you  did not get maximum result I promised, simply notify me and your money will be refunded back to you Immediately! No question asked!

P.S; Note That There Are Thousands Of People Reading This Information With You And It?s First Come First Serve Basis. Once The 50 people has placed their order, The Price Will Go Back To The Original Amount  so it?s better youu act Now before others overtake you.

How To Order:  Pay the sum of N1,550 Into Any Branch of Zenith Bank  Plc

Account name: Ikenna C. Obi
Account number:  2006250331
Or Gtbank

Acc. Name; Ikenna C. Obi
Acc. No; 0053185661

After payment send an sms to 08066515584 with your depositor name, amount paid,
And teller number. Once your payment has been verified, the complete package will be sent to your email address within 24-hours so you can download it instantly, begin reading it at once, and get started on your financial freedom  immediately.

Offer valid till 19th Sept. 2012
P.S; No Computer Skill Required Provided You Can Read And Write.

Ikenna obi

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